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The aroma is full-bodied, rich and extremely satisfying, excellent for offerings, meditation practice and room cleansing. TPN Nectar can be offered to the Three Jewels. It is also claimed that it can accumulate merit, remove evil spirits, soothe the nervous system, clean air, nourish one’s nature. Please note that some of these sticks are quite crooked and brittle and lengths vary TPN Nectar is also available in Tibetan Medical/Pharmaceutical Incense Collection.

TPN Nectar was originally compounded by Sir Kenrab Norpu, famous astrologer and master of the Traditional Tibetan Medicine and the first president of Menzikhang (Lhasa Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital) in the mid 20th century. Based on the guidelines of Tibetan Traditional Medicine Theory, TPN is made of musk, sandalwood, borneo and other precious herbs. The process is strictly monitored and ingredient purity is exacting.

32 sticks per pkg | 19.5-23cm x 3mm | Approx. 56g

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4 reviews for TPN Nectar

  1. Thomas Schwarze (from Germany)

    What an incense….wow, just wow!
    This incense is really special. The unburnt stick smells of saffron, with subtle hints of curcuma and a touch of patchouli.
    When burnt, the saffron note comes out first, along with a sweet earthy overall impression. Soon the scent gets a bit spicier, I noticed a juniper note before it turned sweeter and more floral.
    But the best of this incense is the afterscent…since the sticks don´t have a bamboo core (like those Indian incenses usually have ) you can just break of a piece, just as you would with Japanese incense sticks, and let it burn in a room. Open a window, and then return about ten to fifteen minutes later…the air will be filled with such an impressive floral sweetness ….as if you walked under blossom-heavy branches in an orchard… sweet apple and cherry blossoms…
    This incense bears the name „Nectar“ for a reason! It perfecly prepares the atmosphere and sets the mood before you want to sit down and leave your mind behind to come in touch with the spiritual.

  2. Frank Winkhorst

    This is not the best smelling incense in the known universe but, surprisingly enough, it stops migraines in their tracks. I never really took the notion of medicinal incense seriously, but it’s no joke.

  3. Nicholas

    A potent medicinal incense. Similar to Holy Land in scent though I feel it is less heavy and with its own characteristics. Rich and musky aroma.

  4. Cynthia Pearson

    I purchased this incense after reading some of the comments of other reviewers, this scent is absolutely beautiful, and it really does take away migraines and headaches !

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