Bhutanese Traditional Incense

Using Buddhist recipes handed down through many generations, Bhutanese traditional incense is crafted by hand in small factories throughout the Kingdom. These incense products are natural and contain no artificial additives or bamboo stick cores. Aromas are deep, long-lasting and purifying. The incense is excellent for meditation, for purification and for offerings.

The All Permeating Offering of Incense
‘A’ Quality Bhutanese Incense
‘B’ Quality Bhutanese Incense
‘C’ Quality/Guru Puja Bhutanese Incense
Bhutanese Aromatic Herbal Incense
Bhutan Wish Fulfilling Tree Incense
Dee Nyed Bhutanese Incense
Drichog Chotrin (Brown pkg)
Drichog Chotrin (Blue pkg)
Drichog Chotrin (Pink pkg)
Dri-Zhem Poi
Fruit & Herb Incense
Gelephu Incense
GP Vegetarian Incense
Guru Chan Dreen Poejor Incense
Jaaju Poe
Kuenzang Jaju Incense
Kuenzang Pema Karpo Purple Incense (35 sticks)
Kuenzang Pema Karpo Purple Incense (25 sticks)
Kurjey Vegetarian Incense
Lama Sangay Dorji Incense
Lhawang Driden Incense
Lost Fragrance of the Mountain Gods
Na Gi Ma Bjor Bhutanese Incense
Riwo Sangchoe Bhutanese Incense
Shielding Bhutanese Incense
Soothing Incense
Specially Made for Paro Kushoo HRH Prince Namgyal Wangchuk
Tara Puja Incense