Traditional and Monastery Incense from Bhutan

Welcome to the ‘Land of Medicines’. The sublime therapeutic qualities of Bhutanese incense have a long and valued history in the East. Extraordinary plant varieties thrive here: the Himalayan climate is ideal – so high and low altitude flora flourish in wonderful lushness and are gathered by hand under strict governmental supervision. The incense is hand-prepared in specialised craft-houses and small companies throughout the pristine country. Many formulas follow the Buddhist teachings of Guru Rimpoche and Pema Karpo. (ethical sourcing)

A Quality Bhutanese Incense
B Quality | Flower | Pure Herbal No.2 | Bhutanese Incense
C Quality | Guru Puja Bhutanese Incense
Cloud of Merit Wind Wisdom by Kathok Yosel Samtenling Monastery
A Composition for Riwo Sangchoe (Morning Incense) by Nado
A Composition for Riwo Sangchoe and Surzey (Evening Incense) by Nado
Drichog Chotrin (BJI)
Dri-Zhem Poi
Gelephu Incense
Gift Incense
Green Tara
Guru Chan Dreen Poejor Incense
Jaaju (jaju) Poe 
Kaar Sur Poe
Lhawang Driden (Drizang Kuenchap) Incense
Lhawang Driden (Drizang Kuenchap) Jaju
Maar Sur Poe
Medicine Buddha Incense
Na Gi Ma Bjor Incense
Nado Cinnamon Incense
Nado Happiness Incense
Nado Orange
Riwo Sangchoe Incense (stick)
Soothing Incense
Sung Sung Quality
Tara Puja Green Incense
Tara Puja Yellow Incense
Yellow Tara
Zhi-Ney Poi
Zhingkham Kunchhab Chhoetrin by Nado
Zhingkham Kunchhab Chhoetrin#2 by Nado

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