Featuring aromas that inspire and delight…


At incense-traditions.ca we sell only incense that’s crafted by hand and heart… time-honoured aromas of the world that inspire and delight. We feature authentic incense with no artificial perfumes (with the exception of synthetic musk) — from sources that pride themselves on the integrity and purity of their ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Visit our Index Page for some exciting discoveries. You’ll find scents both exotic and familiar, as well as some varieties available in North America for the first time. So, whether you’re a novice who simply wants to experience the wonderful, sweet fragrance of sandalwood — or a seasoned aficionado who wishes to delve more deeply into mystical Tibetan and Bhutanese aromas, we have the exact incense you’re seeking.

Each incense bundle received is carefully examined unless well-packed, and where necessary broken sticks are replaced. Also, depending on the fragility of the incense, we re-wrap in saran and/or bubble wrap for added protection.