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The perfume of sandalwood, rosebay or jasmine cannot travel against the wind. But the fragrance of virtue travels to the ends of the world. (The Dhammapada)

We treat incense with the respect and care its importance (and fragility) deserves. Where possible, bundles are examined and broken sticks or cones replaced. Our incense features All-natural ingredients | No added chemicals | No accelerants | No oils | No artificial perfumes | No wood cores | Govt-mandated artificial musk only* | Genuine local sources

Musk from civets and musk-deer were once a staple for Oriental incense makers. In 1993, the Chinese government outlawed animal musk. Today, every reputable incense-maker uses a form of artificial musk. If we find this isn’t true, we’ll delete the product immediately.

An extremely important issue is the use of the scales of the endangered pangolin. Some sources think that the problem has arisen due to a mistranslation between Chinese and Tibetan. In Tibetan, this ingredient is known as “shell scale scent”. Chinese translates this as 貝甲香 — which is often interpreted as ‘pangolin scales’. Other scholars think it means ‘naga sea-shells’, long imported from outside Tibet. Our Bhutanese source said that it means the gill cover (operculum) of fish. To complicate matters, a similar word, ‘na gi’ refers to ‘medicinal seed’. If we find that real pangolin scales are used, we’ll delete the product immediately.

We ship and email tracking info within 2-3 days (holidays excepted) of order. We check tracked status regularly and request that customers do the same. We are not responsible for undelivered products. Note that longer than usual delivery times may be experienced during uncertain times. Returns accepted within Canada only.

TRACKED SHIPPING TO USA: US$10 to all US locations. FREE on orders over US$100. 4-8 business days.

INCLUSION OF INVOICE FOR NON-CANADIAN ORDERS: For amounts US$300+ on shipments outside Canada, we are required to include an invoice slip showing actual amount.

TRACKED SHIPPING WITHIN CANADA: FREE on orders over US$95 – this amount includes provincial taxes. For orders under US$95, tracked shipping is US$9. Canadian customers please note: orders are sent via our courier to the Province of residence and handed over to Canada Post. Approx. 5-10 business days. Canadian customers are charged HST based on province.

RETURNS WITHIN CANADA ONLY: For refund eligibility, products must be unopened in original packaging. Return postage is the responsibility of the customer. Contact within 3 business days of receipt for more info. Also note that any undeliverable/returned items are charged to our postal account – and when/if these products are re-mailed, these costs will be added to the total.

TRACKED SHIPPING to the EU excluding the UK: Due to the new VAT regulations, we no longer ship to the UK. To WESTERN EUROPE, a flat rate of US$20 for weights under 900g. Larger orders will be charged full courier rate and shipment will be sent only with customer approval and full pre-payment. Delivery times to European locations vary greatly and may take 10-21 business days or more. Customs holds vary: IRELAND up to 21 business days, AUSTRIA up to 14 business days; FRANCE and SWITZERLAND about 10-12 business days; FINLAND up to 30 business days. ITALY up to 90 business days. GERMANY: we cnnot ship to Germany due to Customs Regulations. EU customers please note: phone numbers are required by law to be included on all shipments.

TRACKED SHIPPING to MEXICO, LATIN AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & SINGAPORE: US$30 for all orders less than 900g. Larger orders will be charged full courier rate and shipment will be sent only with customer approval and full payment.

To GREECE, ISRAEL and LEBANON: Basic untracked international service with no confirmation of delivery is US$35 (8-45 estimated business days) for orders less than 900g. Larger orders will be charged full courier rate and shipment will be sent only with customer approval and full payment.


IF YOU HAVE A GENERAL INQUIRY,  CONTACT US and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

NOTE: We package our incense extremely well and can’t be held responsible for any delay, damages to product or extra charges incurred by international handling and/or government searches.

Customers whose total is $100US or more receive a 15% discount on any 1 item (*excluding Gadong TLM Incense Gift Set and Mindroling Legacy Collection) on their next purchase. This includes Sale & Broken Stick items. Multiple discount coupons can be combined at one time. The format of the coupon code is one letter and 4 digits.

We offer Gift Cards for purchase. The recipient can use the code to pay for orders by entering the code directly at checkout or redeem by adding it to their account for later use.

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It is inadvisable to use incense when pregnant, especially incense formulated with saffron. Please use our incense products responsibly and for enjoyment only. They are not intended to replace advice given by a licensed healthcare professional and does not recommend the use of incense for the treatment of any health problem. assumes no liability and takes no responsibility for misuse. Because most incense recipes are not disclosed, those with a history of allergy should exercise caution.