Dzogchen Brilliant Gem Incense


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Dzogchen Brilliant Gem Incense has a bright, pure and fresh aroma and is milder than most traditional Tibetan incense.

The main ingredients are Radix inulae, Heracleum millefolium Diels, Rhizome of Conic Gymnadenia, Myristica fragrant, Saffron, Sandalwood, Dracocephalum tanguticum Maxim, Myricaria bracteata etc, more than 30 kinds of precious ingredients and no chemical additives. Burn time is approx. 1 hr.

2 bundles of approx. 24 sticks per pkg.
23cm x 3mm
Approx. 80g

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Dzogchen Brilliant Gem Incense is produced by Dzogchen Monastery. It is “situated in a picturesque alpine valley 4000 meters above sea level, and 1000 kilometres west of Chengdu”, “among the snowcapped mountains of eastern Tibet, at the far west border of Sichuan Province”. (from an article by Xing Yangjian, LittleStar Magazine, April 2006)

Dzogchen Monastery is one of the six great monasteries of the Nyingma tradition, the original Buddhist tradition in Tibet. It is also the main monastery for over three hundred branch monasteries in the Kham, Amdo and Central regions of Tibet. Since the early eighties the monastery has been undergoing reconstruction and it is currently home to over two hundred and fifty monks. Numerous teachings, empowerments and prayer festivals are held throughout the year, as well as the annual lama dance of King Gesar.


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