Tibetan Village Incense

Formulas and preparation secrets of sacred incense were brought to Tibet in the 7th c by the inventor of the Tibetan script, Thönmi Sambhota. He lived in the Tun-da (Tunba) region (about 190km w of Lhasa) and under his guidance and later followers, incense from the region became renowned for excellence. Today’s Master is Tsering Dorje of Tun-da village. Tun-da (Tunba) and nearby villages, such as Tun-Mi and Myalo Town, derive the bulk of their income from production and sales. We’re delighted to carry their superb varieties.

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N-M Jewel of Ancient Incense
Tun-Da Village Master Incense
Tun-Da Village Master Backflow Cones
Tunba Ancient Green Traditional Cones
Tun-Mi  Backflow Cones

Agarwood Heart of Shambhala
Huiyou Tibetan Incense (Miyalo Town)
Qinrun Tibetan Incense (Miyalo Town)
Spirit of Shambhala

The following video has been edited from “Discovery” (CCTV Channel 10, owner of the copyright) and shows the making of incense from start to finish in the small Tibetan village of Tun-da (or Tunba). It is a fascinating process, accomplished primarily by hand: