Kathok Monastery Formula Incense

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Incense is rich and full-bodied, featuring spicy, slightly sweet tones.  This is an excellent incense for meditation practice and offerings.  Kathok Monastery Formula Incense is produced under an agreement from Kathok Monastery.

Kathok Monastery was founded in 1159 CE is one of the six principal monasteries of the Nyingma school.

18-20 sticks per pkg. | 23-24cm x 4mm | Approx. 57g

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4 reviews for Kathok Monastery Formula Incense

  1. Stephen

    What a great entry smell. I’m going to guess there is some sort of red-clay and charcoal mixture in this stick to keep the burn cooler. The smell this produces is actually more unique now that I’ve had so much Tibetan experience thanks to incense-traditions. It has a sweet wood component that reminds me a little of Bhutanese notes while having a sort of hint of muskiness in that flavor I called ‘animal musk’ as it reminds me so much of musky smells I’d get at Zoos or when visiting people who kept ferrets. There is a salty overtone to this whole scent combination and I feel like this is also… I dunno how to say this but somehow it’s spiritually sexy. My meaning behind this is that I’m kind of turned on by the smell, but not to do physical rutting, but to go meditate so I can go on the astral plane and have mindsex with archangels. It’s arousing but focusing. Like this would pair well with Shaolin workouts. Note – the ash is particularly hotter than average ash, and ‘firmer’ leading me to believe in my clay theory because the ash is so red.

  2. Nicholas

    Part of how I judge an incense is how it makes me feel, not just the smell. This incense causes me to feel quite relaxed, warm and removes anxiety and fear. Seems to empty the mind, putting it in a solid and stable place. The most upfront smell is a light cedar scent, much like a freshly sharpened cedar pencil (though much finer). There are many layers underneath and a certain earthy base. I find it to be quite smooth and agreeable overall and have not experienced a sore throat or cough after inhaling.

  3. cynthiahill7

    I really like this one. It is strong enough & fills the room with a warm, red clay, sweet & slightly spicy scent. I would recommend.


    Great incense, especially for calming and healing. Helps with headaches and general mood.

    Although the current batch I received does not appear to have the same quality/potency. Perhaps an old/stale stock?

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