Long Du Relaxing Incense

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Long Du Relaxing Incense is made by Traditional Medical College in Lhasa (which also has the formula for Holy Land and Holy Land Grade 2). The manufacturer states that it can ‘promote tranquility and support restful sleep’.

Long Du Relaxing Incense contains a total of 36 ingredients, including sandalwood, nutmeg, myrobalan, frankincense and clove. The aroma is very pleasant and earthy without muskiness.

18 sticks per pkg
Approx. 8cm x 5mm
Approx. 45g

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2 reviews for Long Du Relaxing Incense

  1. Vinh

    These are short fat sticks that give off lots of aroma. An overwhelming burn if you are limited to a small room, thus not so relaxing, so either burn only in quarters or halves, or burn the whole in a space adjacent to where you intend on doing your relaxing. But, if you are the type that doesn’t mind, or even enjoys, taking in a thick miasma of smokey relaxation particles — GO FOR IT! Very nice aromatic. Medium-to-heavy. It is indeed relaxing.

  2. cynthiahill7

    Very Nice and Strong. Recommended !

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