An Shen Tranquility Incense

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Offering a woody scent and medium-mild fragrance, An Shen Tranquility is made as a calming incense and natural sleep aid. Ingredients include sandalwood, agarwood, clove, guangzao and natural Tibetan medicines. Sticks are quite fragile and lengths vary up to 2 cm. An Shen Tranquility Incense is manufactured by Traditional Tibetan Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory, the respected makers of TPN Nectar.

33 sticks per pkg | Approx. 15-17cm x 4mm | Approx. 120g


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1 review for An Shen Tranquility Incense

  1. Cynthia Pearson

    This is a Very Nice Incense, and calming too. I can smell the agarwood, sandalwood and clove… I am very happy that I purchased a whole package of this (not having even tried a sample first !

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