Gadong Monastery Grade 2 Incense

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The main listed ingredients of Gadong Grade 2 Incense are white and red sandalwood, agarwood, naga, Tibetan saffron and many other natural herbs.
This is a refined, very traditional Tibetan incense with medium pungency and smoke. Please note that these sticks, while firm, are very crooked. Take care when opening the package.

Approx. 40 sticks per pkg. | 22-25cm x 2mm | Approx. 66gm


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We chose the shorter name for this Monastery incense (the long name is Panam Gadong Tsendok Ling Monastery’s Incense) which is from Shigatse in Tibet. This incense has a history of more than seven hundred years. From the package “…in addition, we ensure that our production standards and skills strictly follow the unique Tibetan Manufacturing and Medicine considerations, as well as the impeccable footsteps of numerous famous Tibetan medical scholars and practitioners, and their theory on traditional Tibet incense production skills”.

2 reviews for Gadong Monastery Grade 2 Incense

  1. Mosh

    Excellent everyday stick, affordable, and contains good quality agarwood, which is more of a sub-scent, poking through occasionally , just to let you know it’s around.
    Lovely and dry ( compared with Gadong Monastery which is much richer) the sandalwood and saffron working the top notes. This is an excellent meditation incense, not too busy and complicated, but holding interest through the meditation to stay focused on the task at hand. Enjoy!

  2. Michael Kennedy

    I agree with Mosh’s review.
    Gadong Monastery is my absolute favorite of the Tibetans. I would describe this is as a lighter (lower calorie) version, and it’s much more affordable. Think of Gadong and Gadong Grade-2 like the differences/similarities between Holy Land and Holy Land Grade-2. Some might even enjoy this one more as it’s less intense (just like some prefer HL-2).
    If you like Gadong, then you need to purchase a bundle of this. 🙂

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