A Composition for Riwo Sangchoe (Morning Incense)


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A Composition for Riwo Sangchoe is a morning, ritual incense from Nado and companion to A Composition for Riwo Sangchoe and Surzey. Its aroma is woody, fresh and herbal, with wonderful subtleties and mild-to-medium pungency. The box states: “This incense stick contains the best of all fruits, cereals, medicinal plants and milk products. It is manufactured in strict compliance with tradition by Mr Nado at Thimphu, Bhutan”.

Riwo Sangchoe means ‘Mountain Smoke Offering’, a practice begun in the 17c CE. Mornings and evenings were found to be the most auspicious times to appease and help intermediate beings, and to gain merit by offerings and purifications.

Approx 30 sticks | Approx. 80g

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