Tibetan Therapeutic Incense

(Feng Ma Bao Pharmaceutical Company)
Highland Incense
Highland ‘Long stick’ Incense

(Formula according to Larung Gar Buddhist Academy)
Five Fragrance Tibetan Incense
Five Fragrance Tibetan Incense Coils

(Ruyi Incense Manufacturing)
Ruyi Premium Incense Formula #1 is no longer available
Ruyi Premium Incense Formula #2
Ruyi Premium Incense Formula #3

(Tibetan Medicine Company of Traditional Tibet College aka TMC)
Holy Land Incense
Holy Land Grade 2
Long Du Relaxing Incense

(Xizang Zizhiqu Zangyaochang)
An Shen Tranquility Incense
TPN Nectar

(Zambala Company Ltd, Tibet)
Khangdru Tibetan Incense

(To Tibetan Monastery Incense)

So — with so many exceptional varieties of this remarkable incense — unless you know exactly what you’re looking for — how do you choose? And if you’re an experimenter — how often have you wasted money on a bundle that just doesn’t suit your taste? We decided to change all that and make choice easy. Investigate the Tibetan Therapeutic Incense Collection today!