Backflow Incense Cones from Tibet

(The Tun-Da Village Master, photo courtesy Zang Xiang Fang)

For a while, we’ve been looking at back flow incense cones. We were skeptical at first and quite turned off by artificial ingredients and poor quality — until we found 4 fragrances from 3 Tibetan producers. Like all our incense, these back flow incense cones are hand-made with natural ingredients, and manufactured by reputable makers whose other products we stock;

Ganden Monastery Back Flow Cones
Labrang Monastery Relaxation Backflow Cones
Labrang Monastery Traditional Backflow Cones
Tun-Da Village Master Back Flow Cones

Some notes:
The hole in the cone is generally centred, though its height and depth may vary since this incense is completely hand-made.The cone may have to be adjusted to match up with the hole in the burner. When first lit, smoke rises til burning reaches the hole in the cone which becomes covered by ash. The smoke then flows downward, following the design of the burner. After several burnings, there will be some oily residue on the burner which is easily cleaned with alcohol.

With back flow incense cones, smoke is an artistic and meditative tool — and we found a new sense of appreciation in the calming and flowing waves.

Here’s a short video of the intriguing result:
Backflow Incense