Tibetan Backflow Incense Cones

(The Tun-Da Village Master, Tsering Dorje, photo courtesy Zang Xiang Fang)


These backflow cones are the finest available. They contain no perfumes, oils or unhealthy chemical accelerants and are manufactured with same care as corresponding stick varieties. Made by Baigu Temple, Ganden, Mindroling and Tsurpu Monasteries, the Master of Tun-Da Village (Tunba), nearby Tun-Mi Village — and the meticulous TPN, makers of Nectar, Masters of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

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Baigu Temple Medicine Buddha Backflow Cones
Ganden Monastery Backflow Cones
Mindroling Monastery Backflow Cones 
TPN Nectar Backflow Cones
Tsurpu Monastery Backflow Cones
Tun-Da Village Master Backflow Cones
Tun-Mi Village Backflow Cones

watch the flow…