Zhayang Nunnery Incense

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This sacred incense is produced with meditation and prayer during each step of the process. The formula was created by the great Padmasambhava and precious ingredients include white sandalwood and saffron. The scent is highly complex — herbal, refined and mystically elusive.The incense has been packed in a lovely dragon and cloud cylinder. Zhayang Nunnery is located in one of the foremost meditation areas of Tibet. Cylinder colours may vary.

app 36 sticks per pkg | app 18.5cm x 3mm | 72g

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1 review for Zhayang Nunnery Incense

  1. Steve

    Very aromatic and balanced; very low on muskiness, which is a positive for me. The smell is calming, and has a lot of complexity. I don’t smell the saffron much but do I smell hints of agar and lavender? Try this out if you like the Gadong TLM Incense available on this site (one of my favorites)

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