Zashi Lhamo Temple Incense

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Zashi Lhamo incense contains over 20 ingredients which include saffron, cloves, cinnamon, red and white sandalwood, tabasheer, setaria italica, frankincense and others. The scent is very pleasant and, for a traditional Tibetan incense, very mild. Sticks may be either red or yellow.

Zashi Lhamo Temple Incense is also available in Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection #3.

Approx. 20 sticks per pkg.
Approx. 25cm x 3mm
Approx. 50g


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Zashi Lhamo Temple is located about 6km northwest of Lhasa and is part of the Gelug tradition. It is the only “God of Fortune” temple in Tibet.

2 reviews for Zashi Lhamo Temple Incense

  1. Thomas Schwarze

    Zashi Lhamo Temple Incense is really nice. It opens with the “Signature Tibetan Incense” scent but very soon it becomes apparent that this incense is way softer, milder than your regular Tibetan incense. The overall scent has a distinct sweetness, a vanilic sweetness that reminds me of freshly-baked cookies or muffins, the sweetness of milk and vanilla, the sweetness of good sandalwood. Add to that the a note of saffron, and you the scent of Zashi Lhamo Temple incense. Very nice as room / air freshener, and as well for meditation.

  2. Danica

    Smells pretty and delicate but very diffusive and room filling at the same time. In perfumery terms you’d call it transparent and weightless with great sillage. Agree with vanillic rather than medicinal tones to it. Agreed for meditation and absolutely chases flies away too. I’m getting tons of it for that purpose in the summertime.

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