Zashi Lhamo Calming Incense

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Zashi Lhamo Calming Incense offers a mild and highly attractive scent that both newcomers to Tibetan incense and the more experienced will find highly pleasurable. Ingredients include saffron, benzoin, sandalwood, agarwood and others which are not listed.

Approx. 20 sticks per pkg.
Approx. 26.5cm x 3mm
Approx. 45g



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Zashi Lhamo Temple is located about 6km northwest of Lhasa and is part of the Gelug tradition. It is the only “God of Fortune” temple in Tibet.

1 review for Zashi Lhamo Calming Incense

  1. cynthiahill7

    Very Nice. I would describe this one as mild. It is exactly as described by the seller. Wonderful !

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