Tunba Village Incense Collection


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A few kilometres from Tun-Da is the village of Tunba, whose expert incense-makers follow the same guidelines laid down by Master Sambhota. Known as “The Incense for Enlightenment”, this village collection features 3 boxes: 1 each of yellow, red and dark brown incense, made in strict accordance with tradition.

approx. 26.5cm x 1.5mm
approx. 20 sticks per pkg. Total – 60 sticks
approx. 28g per pkg. Total – 84g

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The package states that “the special herbal essence is originated at the bank of Nimu River. It flows down directly from the highest snow mountains. The crystal clear water used to make the incense has been protected by ancient master Tumi Sambhota. He carved a lithographic Buddhist mantra on a rock by the river… Master Tumi Sambhota created an ancient handmade method to produce this incense. It has been handed down for a thousand years. It is made of all natural rare ingredients. Such as white sandalwood, purple sandalwood, saffron, lichen, helenium, and black turmeric etc….”


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