Tun-Da Village Master Incense

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Tun-Da Village Master Incense is produced by Master Incense Maker, Tsering Dorje. He resides in Tun-Da, a village located about 120 miles w. of Lhasa at 12,230 ft. This ancient village was also home to the famed Thönmi Sambhota, inventor of the Tibetan script and bringer of a special incense formula to this region of his birth in the 7th C. Since that time, Master incense-makers in the village have since carefully followed Master Sambhota’s methods of collection, preparation and manufacture.

Tun-Da Village Master Incense is well-known for its soothing, herbal aroma, a very comfortable fragrance that experienced users will enjoy and newcomers  will find pleasing. This is a very ‘mature’, refined incense.

65 sticks per bundle | Approx. 83g | 29.6cm x 2.5mm

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3 reviews for Tun-Da Village Master Incense

  1. Mosh

    I received a sample of this when I first started exploring incense-tradition’s wonderful world of Tibetan/Bhutanese incense. At that time I did not appreciate how wonderful an incense this is. I recently received a full bundle, and have been burning it ever since. I rarely do that with any new incense. This is a deceptively simple incense, that with repeated use, gently unfolds it’s olfactory secrets and grows in stature.
    This is a woody style, using high-grade mature Cypress trees as a base. There is a great quality Agarwood in abundance that plays off of the Cypress wood, with distinct notes of Sandalwood. The top notes are slightly sour Juniper and a great quality Musk. I’ve noticed with Tibetan incenses the extensive use of Musk, but never generic, each incense using Musk with it’s own unique scent. This Tun-Da V.M. Musk is top-notch.
    There is a video of this incense’s manufacturing process and venerable history at the bottom of the page here- https://incense-traditions.ca/tibetan-incense/
    This is an absolute bargain at the price, enjoy!

  2. Thomas Schwarze

    This is really a Master Incense. The emphasis is on the Agarwood, with additional notes of Cypress, Sandalwood and, last but not least, Musk elegantly supporting it. The overall scent is clearly Tibetan, but it is not pungent or overpowering. This incense creates a wonderful serene atmosphere. It reminds me of Holy Land, only that this one is much softer. That you get a lot of incense for a great price surely doesn´t hurt… I find myself reaching for this one again and again – this incense suits many moods and occasions. And, “what he said” 😉 – get at least a sample of Tun Da Master Incense. Highly recommended for newbies and seasoned lovers of Tibetan incenses alike.

  3. Erik

    Very beautiful scent. If you like this one, try also Tashilhunpo grade B, I found that one to have same scent, but it was to me even more delicate and beautiful.

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