Ruyi Premium Incense Formula #3


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Ruyi Premium Incense Formula #3 contains therapeutic and herbal ingredients and features a highly complex, rich scent.
It's less pungent than Ruyi Premium Incense Formula #2 and offers its own distinctive character.

30 sticks per pkg.
26.3cm x 3mm
Approx. 49g


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The story behind Ruyi Premium Incense, developed by Khejok Guru, Abbot of Dhe-Tsang Monastery:
Guru Khejok (1936-2013) was the Abbot of Dhe-Tsang Monastery, and was revered as scholar, astrologer, healer and Guru. He was also Government certified as a practitioner of traditional Tibetan medicine. Khejok Guru was also well-known in the West, having established more than a dozen education centers in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Ruyi Premium Incense, created by Khejok Guru, is a traditional Tibetan medicine formula. Originally, the incense was used exclusively by the Guru and his followers, and was unavailable in the general marketplace. However, word got out — and many who enjoyed this fine incense wanted it to become more widely available. Resultantly, Ruyi Incense Manufacturing obtained the rights to the formula for general production. The Guru, however, did not want his name to be associated with a commercial product and, out of respect, does not appear in the Chinese or Tibetan description. However he is credited in the English translation on the package. In keeping with the Guru’s wishes, we choose to call this incense by its Chinese name, Ruyi Premium Incense.

A companion incense is also available:
Formula #2 contains more cypress, for a ‘sweeter’ aroma.
Formula #3 contains more medicinal ingredients, considered appropriate for study and meditation purposes.


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