Khangdru Tibetan Incense

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We were told that the therapeutic formula for hand-made Khangdru Tibetan Incense is over 700 years old and originally developed by Padmashambhava (Guru Rimpoche). It is made with over 30 precious ingredients, including sandalwood and saffron — with several of the ingredients requiring processing over 12 days.

This is a superior is a therapeutic incense made by the Zambala Company in Tibet. The fragrance is pure Tibetan — musky, rich and complex.

Approx. 31cm x 3.5mm | Approx. 35 sticks per pkg | Approx. 82g

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1 review for Khangdru Tibetan Incense

  1. Cynthia Pearson

    Another Great Incense. I can smell sandalwood, saffron, and almost a slight fruity scent. It is as described, musky, rich and complex, I like it very much.

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