Holy Land Incense


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One of the most popular of all Tibetan incense, Holy Land Incense features an earthy, yet subtle aroma. Though it contains a high proportion of sandalwood, there is little of the ‘sweetness’ and pungency associated with sandalwood. It is excellent for meditation and to clear and refresh the mind and atmosphere. Individual sticks are very dense and not as brittle as some Tibetan incense. According to our test result, each stick has a remarkable burn time of two hours. Holy Land is also available in Tibetan Medical/Pharmaceutical Incense Collection.

Holy Land Incense is a premium product of the Tibetan Medicine Company of Traditional Tibet College, located in Lhasa. The College has become a well-known centre for academic, research and Tibetan medicine production.

Holy Land Incense is a superior blend of high-quality Himalayan ingredients. It is made according to prescribed formulas of traditional Tibetan Buddhist medicine. Holy Land Incense is widely regarded as the finest Tibetan incense available on the market.

30 sticks per box
23cm x 2.5mm
Approx. 43g

*Please note that the colour and formula of Holy Land Incense have changed.

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More than 20 precious, natural herbs and medicinal ingredients, including: sandalwood cinnamon bark amber borneol saffron lilac and others


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