Tsurpu Monastery Purification Cone Incense


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The cones are the same though the box colors may differ. Each box contains cones of two colors: beige, whose fragrance is refreshing, mild and slightly woody, and the red, which is more pungent and full-bodied. Both produce moderate smoke. Ingredients are not listed. This cone incense is also a fine introduction for those new to Tibetan incense.

28 cones per box
Approx. 3.5 x 1.3 cm at base
Approx. 85g


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Tsurpu Monastery was founded in the twelfth century. It is a branch of the Kagyupa tradition and considered the most important Kagyu monastery and seat of the Karmapa lineage. Their members are known as the Black Hats after the Second Karmapa was presented with one by Kublai Khan. The Karmapa were the first order to institute the system of reincarnated lamas — a tradition later adopted by the Gelugpa school.

Tsurpu Monastery Purification Cone Incense is produced in accordance with the ancient Kagyu tradition. With attention to tradition, the use of pure, high quality ingredients, the incense adds no artificial chemicals or pigments.


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