Tsurpu Monastery Grade 1 ‘Red’ Incense

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Tsurpu Monastery Grade 1 ‘Red’ Incense is produced in accordance with the ancient Kagyu tradition and has been used as a holy offering throughout history. With attention to tradition, the use of pure, high quality ingredients, the incense adds no artificial chemicals or pigments. The incense has been used to make offerings to the three jewels, to reduce negative influence and to increase the four kinds of excellent deeds. The package notes that the main ingredients have been empowered by the dharma king karmapa and contains 34 ingredients.

Tsurpu Monastery was founded in the twelfth century. It is a branch of the Kagyupa tradition and considered the most important Kagyu monastery and seat of the Karmapa lineage. Their members are known as the Black Hats after the Second Karmapa was presented with one by Kublai Khan. The Karmapa were the first order to institute the system of reincarnated lamas — a tradition later adopted by the Gelugpa school. Tsurpu Monastery Incense is said to be the only Tibetan incense available in the ‘Forbidden City’ in Beijing.

The package states that long time use of this incense will accumulate merit, remove evil and defilements, increase the power of meditation, balance circulation, prevent different diseases, and purify the body and mind of the beings.

Tsurpu Monastery Incense (both Grade 1 ‘Brown’ and ‘Red’) is somewhat thinner than most Tibetan incense. The aroma is sophisticated — pure, soothing and refreshing, without being intrusive or ‘heavy’. Tsurpu Monastery Grade 1 ‘Red’ Incense is also available in Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection #2.

28-30 sticks per pkg.
23cm x 2.5mm
Approx. 48g

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1 review for Tsurpu Monastery Grade 1 ‘Red’ Incense

  1. Mosh

    This is a super-smooth scent, with the usual Tibetan players of Cypress, Juniper, Musk, etc, and a scent which is common to both “Red” and “Brown” Tsurphu incense, a somewhat woody/herbal background which suggests Sandalwood and Nutmeg. No particular scent dominates, they all weave together in a seamless symphony of scents. The packet reads there are 34 ingredients, this is a spiritual device common to Tibetan and Bhutanese incenses, the large number is to satisfy all the diverse beings in the universe. Certainly this is a very satisfying incense at an affordable price.

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