Trugpa Tsezhi


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Trugpa Tsezhi means the “4 Noble Truths” –  to which this lovely offering is dedicated . The incense is mild-medium in pungency and rich in the manner of  Dzongsar Monastery’s milder varieties.  The box states that it’s made of “four spices and six good drugs, red and white sandalwood, Chinese englewood and rare alpine herbals”. It’s manufactured in strict accordance with Tibetan Traditional Medicine  by Lhaya-Lhundrup Ling Monastery, Gyalrong. The monastery was  founded in 1447 in Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, located at about 3000m, some 2000km northeast of Lhasa. Please note that this incense is extremely fragile. (images courtesy Baidu)

App 30 sticks | 20cm x 3mm | App 50g

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