Songtsen Gampo Incense Coils


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This is same excellent incense as Songtsen Gampo stick incense. Contains only natural ingredients. Unusual for Tibetan incense which contains up to 50% binder, this blend contains only 10-15% of natural binder. Ingredients include white sandalwood, red sandalwood, saffron, cloves, amomum tsaoko, borneol, agarwood, Ruta graveolens L., Poria cocos, Dong Qing Zi, Dracocephalum tanguticum maxim, cinnamon.

This nicense by Kajiaman Monastery is excellent for meditation offering a very pleasant and soothing scent. Pungency may be considered mild-to-medium. Includes a free holder. Coil diameter is approx. 6.3cm

60 coils per pkg.
Incense thickness: approx. 2mm
Approx. 279g


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Songtsen Gampo incense was named after the first Dharma King of Tibet (617-650) and is made by Kajiaman Monastery in the Gansu Region of Tibet. The monastery was built in 1260, and today approximately 1000 monks live and study there. However, the caves near Kajiaman Village have been used for meditation since A.D. 882.

Since 1645, Kajiaman Monastery has followed Gelug tradition. It specializes in medicine, and has produced many famous doctors who have further contributed to Tibetan medicine and pharmaceutical knowledge. The monastery is well-known for providing free medical care to the local villages.


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