Samye Chimpu Incense

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Located about 16 km from Samye Monsatery, Chimpu is one of the most sacred sites in Tibet with meditation caves used for centuries, including caves associated with Padma Sambhava, Indian teacher Atisha and Tibetan king Trisong Detsen.  This is a special nunnery incense whose sticks will range from reddish to yellowish in the same bundle. A classic Tibetan whose aroma is pungent, smooth and long-lasting with no bitterness. No ingredients are listed. Packaging is red, yellow or green – over which we have no control.

app 45 sticks per pkg | 18cm x 3mm | 78g

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1 review for Samye Chimpu Incense


    Simple. Smell of smokiness. Not fragrant as other Tibetan incenses.

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