Mindroling Monastery Grade 1 Incense

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Please note the box format is sold out until late Feb/23. The attractive new gift cylinder is slightly more expensive, yet provides sturdy protection.

Mindroling Monastery Grade 1 Incense is the finest offering of the Monastery, a remarkable blend of more than 30 fine Himalayan ingredients, including saffron, white and purple sandalwood, agarwood, clove, musk, cinnamon, borneol. The aroma is highly complex, long-lasting, musky and deep with spicy overtones. It is ideal as a meditation aid. This is the finest of the 5 grades produced and recommended for those familiar with the more ‘pungent’ aspects of Tibetan incense. According to the Monastery, spots or discoloration on the sticks are not defects, but part of the process.

Mindroling is one of the 6 major monasteries of the Nyingma school, founded in 1676 by Minling Terchen Gyurme Dorje. The name means “Place of Perfect Emancipation”. Special emphasis is placed on Buddhist scripture, astronomy, the Tibetan lunar calendar, calligraphy, rhetoric, and traditional Tibetan medicine. (courtesy wikipedia)

We receive all Mindroling incense directly from the Monastery. Approx. 50 sticks per box | 22+cm x 3mm | Approx. 118g

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Mindroling Grade 1

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7 reviews for Mindroling Monastery Grade 1 Incense

  1. joseph kupiec

    hello my friends….this incense is absolutely magical….it is very fragrant and the mystical scent of sandalwood and Tibetan herbs and spices lingers in the room long after the burn is finished…..One can close their eyes and be transported by the fragrance to a deeply meditative state very easily…..on each stick that I burn , I discover new and complex fragrance notes that I love…..it is definitely in a class of its own……if you love Tibetan style incense… you will not be disappointed…..namaste

  2. Frank Winkhorst

    This is the best Tibetan incense I have found so far. Bar none. The best adjective I can think of is “rich.” It has the same cedar base as all Tibetan incenses, but there are definitely other things going on.

  3. Erik

    This one is really special. It has a nice thick scent that is very complex, delicate and beautiful. Suits very well for special pujas. It is really a special incense to give a nice atmosphere for special occasions, a wonderful incense to burn.

  4. Nicholas

    A fine and many layered scent that is smooth and easy to inhale. Different than any other Tibetan incense I’ve experienced. There is a certain sweetness to it, like milk and honey.

  5. cynthiahill7

    This is also one of my favorites. Exactly as described by the other reviewers. Beautiful. Definitely can transport you into a relaxed meditative state very easily. I highly recommend this one.

  6. Naomi Bennett

    After having trouble finding the incense I usually get in the store, this one has become my go-to (my house now permanently smells of it!) Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Zim

    I can’t get enough of this one. The more you burn it the more subtle nuances appear. I burn this one every morning and every night.

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