Mindroling Monastery Collection

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This is an excellent introduction to the superior incense produced by famed Mindroling Monastery. This special collection features 6 sticks each of 5 grades.
Mindroling Grade 1 Incense
Mindroling Grade 2 Incense
Mindroling Grade 3 Incense
Mindroling Grade 4 Incense
Mindroling Grade 5 Incense

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2 reviews for Mindroling Monastery Collection

  1. Cynthia Pearson

    Mindroling Monastery makes absolutely stunning incense. I ordered this sample package and I find each one to be beautiful, calming & relaxing. The description of each grade is quite accurate and I cant imagine anyone not enjoying all of them.

  2. A. Smith

    Absolutely wonderful. Couldn’t ask for a better sample colleciton.

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