Labrang Monastery Tibetan Incense

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We’re very fortunate to get this incense as it’s made in batches for and by the monks of the Monastery. The aroma is extremely pleasant and complex in the Tibetan tradition, but not overpowering. Ideal for both new and experienced users of Tibetan incense. Labrang Monastery, located in a remote part of Gansu Province, Tibet and founded about 1700.

30 sticks per pkg. | 28cm x 3mm | Approx. 60g


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2 reviews for Labrang Monastery Tibetan Incense

  1. Mosh

    A wonderful monastery, meditation incense.
    Labrang is a green scent in the way that an Indian
    green champa or green durbar is, or a Japanese
    green sandalwood or agarwood is. It has a lovely
    balance between Cypress and Juniper, so it is neither
    too sweet nor too sour. I enjoy this during Summer,
    it creates a refreshing, uplifting mood. The price is
    very reasonable for such a fine incense.

  2. Thomas Schwarze

    This is a really good incense – delicately blended so that none of the ingredients sticks out. The scent is a unified, mellow composition and it is not pungent or overpowering. This being said, one cannot help but note that the scent has some earthy, green, herbal, woody and spicy elements. But as stated above, this incense is so expertly blended that you might have a hard time identifying the individual ingredients. It makes a great aid to meditation as it helps you to find an inner equilibrium, and it is perfect for scenting your room.

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