Gadong TLM Incense Gift Box


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Gadong TLM is an excellent medium-strength incense with subtle overtones. It will be be enjoyed by the more experienced lover of fine Tibetan incense. Ingredients include white and red sandalwoods, agarwood, saffron, clove and cinnamon.

The lovely and sturdy gift box contains 4 packages of incense.
Gadong TLM is also available in single packages.

Approx. 25 sticks per pkg./ 4 pkgs per box
22cm x 3mm

In stock


Gadong Tsendok Ling Monastery Incense is a fine incense produced in the small monastery (Panam Gadong Tsendok Ling Monastery) located in Shigatse, Tibet. The Monastery was founded in the 11th c. and follows the Gelugpa tradition. The name means “Tree of Happiness”.

The Gadong Monastery near Dharamsala, India was founded by Tibetan monks in exile — however the incense we import comes from the Tibetan monastery.


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