Dzongsar Relieving Incense


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Like all Dzongsar Incense, the aroma of Dzongsar Relieving Incense is distinctive. Quite smoky when first lit, the incense quickly settles down and offers a pleasing, pungent aroma that’s very complex and somewhat musky.

28 Sticks per pkg.
Approx. 22-23cm x 4mm
Approx. 110g


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Dzongsar Relieving Incense is made, as part of Dzongsar Monastery, in Tibet in accordance with a traditional Buddhist recipe. Dzongsar monastery has been a centre of Buddhist learning for some 1300 years. The Institute also teaches students the authentic Tibetan Medical traditions.

In 1983 Dzongsar Gonpa began to rebuild the temples and institutions. To date six large and small temples, the residence of the Khyentses and one hundred and eighty monk’s residences have been rebuilt. The main temples cover forty eight thousand and two hundred square meters. At the moment there are more than two hundred monks in the monastery.


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