Dzogchen Lotus Ground Incense

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An exceptionally fine incense that’s highly sought after, Dzogchen Lotus Ground Incense features a complex and sophisticated aroma. Definitely one to try! Lotus Ground is also available in Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection #1.

Approx. 50 sticks per pkg.
24.5cm x 2.5mm
Approx. 74g

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Dzogchen Monastery is one of the six great monasteries of the Nyingma tradition, the original Buddhist tradition in Tibet. It is also the main monastery for over 300 branch monasteries in the Kham, Amdo and Central regions of Tibet. Guru Rinpoche blessed the Dzogchen valley as a place of enlightened qualities. Dzogchen Pema Tung — or the “Lotus Ground” — is named after Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava), who is sometimes called the Lotus Born Master.

3 reviews for Dzogchen Lotus Ground Incense

  1. huntingchaos86

    Magical, amazing, wonderful, superb, uplifting…I simply do not have enough words to describe how great this incense is. I purchased two packs of this from another site before this one came along (it was more expensive on the other site as well) and I almost cried when I burned my first stick. This is one you can meditate in peace with. It isn’t heavy, overpowering, or pungent. It’s musky, relaxing, and probably my favorite Tibetan incense. Very, very worth the price. When this is in stock, I suggest stocking up! Everyone is learning how amazing this is and buying it out very quickly! If there were an incense Hall of Fame, this would be number 1. Do not hesitate when this one is in stock, buy it! Don’t buy a sample pack, buy a full pack! If you get samples only, you will be sorry and will be wishing you’d purchased the entire pack!

  2. Thomas Schwarze

    This is an excellent incense, to be enjoyed during meditation as well as just by itself. Soft, sweetish, and well balanced. At first I could not believe this is Tibetan incense – it is so soft and doesn´t have any of the pungency Tibetan incense is known for. There´s probably a sweet agarwood in it, and it has some highly enchanting floral (and even slightly fruity) notes.
    It can trick your nose into believing you accidentally reached for the wrong box and lit a Japanese stick instead. It reminded me of some Baieido incenses…the scent resembles that of Kaden Kobunboku, or even slightly that of Ho-ryu.
    Definitely an incense you want to have in your collection – just like Mindroling Monastery Incense Grade 1 and 2, them having a scent profile similar to Japanese incense (although I´d say these latter two are more green-smelling than Lotus Ground).
    Get a full box, as recommended above – this one´s worth it.

  3. Nicholas

    An unexpected aroma from a Tibetan incense. It is strongly reminiscent of some Shoyeido incense I have though is different. Light and fragrant, very pleasant.

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