Drigung Long Incense

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A pure vegetarian incense intended for relaxation. Made of pure natural herbs and other precious vegetable materials according to the 1000-year tradition of the Drigung Kagyu Lineage. This is a deep incense and very fragile. This incense comes to us thread-wrapped in cellophane which we do not open. There may be broken sticks.

Approx. 30 sticks per pkg. |  Approx. 31cm x 3mm | Approx. 80g

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2 reviews for Drigung Long Incense

  1. gangoose

    This was an instant favorite for me. Drigung Long is a wonderfully balanced fragrant stick. It has notes of resinous pine, herbs, mellow musk, and a cool mineral air. It is slightly sweet, with very little of the smokey campfire smell of many Tibetan increases.

  2. Zim

    Mellow and sweet, shifts into the background smoothly, meditation comes easily. The fragrance is comforting and warming. An easy going, secure feeling.

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