Dirapuk Monastery Special Incense

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The earthy scent is medium-strong with a noticeable muskiness, though musk is not listed as an ingredient. Dirapuk Monastery Special Incense features more than 30 ingredients which include white sandalwood, cinnamon and borneol. It is excellent for meditation, offerings and room cleansing. Dirapuk Monastery Special Incense is also available in Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection #3.

Approx. 28 sticks per pkg.
Approx. 27-29cm x 3-4mm
Approx. 84g


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Dirapuk Monastery is part of the Gelug tradition. The monastery is located at a height of 5080m, making it one of the highest (if not the highest) in the world. Dirapuk monastery faces the north face of Mt Kailash, the most sacred of Buddhist mountains. The monastery is on the pilgrim route around Mt. Kailash.
Dirapuk Monastery Special Incense is quite unusual in that in one package there are several thicknesses of stick. As well, there are two variances in color: one stick more brownish, another more reddish.

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  1. Stephen

    I would agree with the purveyors statements about this being medium-strong and musky. Though the musk in this one isn’t quite the ‘animal musk’ as much as I’d have expected, rather this musk is more like the musk you get from an old wooden cabinet that used to be in a Chinese apothecary. It really does remind me of an old medicine chest with hints of bitterness and pungent smells coming through. Definitely not reminding me of a animal smell as much. There is no central wood smell for me to hang onto, only hints like you’d get from old wooden objects. I wonder if the wood used in here is old weathered wood or even the monastery’s old ground up medicine cabinet. It started raining really hard during the burn on this stick, and somehow that changed the scent and it now smells like someone is cooking some sort of stew with maybe coconut milk and lemongrass. I’m noting that this scent changed when the humidity jumped about 20 points in ten minutes, and that in typical Hawaiian fashion, the rain has stopped just as I’m typing this and now the smell is meshing with the ‘fresh rain’ smell and making cooking smells as well as still having that central ‘medicine cabinet’ smell I was alluding to before. Normally I don’t feel like I can smell the camphor but here I definitely feel like it might be contributing to that medicine smell.

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