Dhe-Tsang Monastery Incense

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Dhe Tsang (pronounced dai-tsong) is a highly pleasurable mild-medium incense with a very distinctive, ‘spicy’ aroma. It’s not overpowering or intrusive and is excellent for meditation practice. It is somewhat more pungent than Dhe Tsang Sacred Mountains Incense. Dhe-Tsang Monastery Incense is also available in Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection #1.

28-30 sticks per pkg.
18.5cm x 3mm
Approx. 35g

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Dhe-Tsang Monastery was built in 1414 by Tsako Ngawang Drakpa, a heart disciple of the great master Je Tsong Khapa. The monastery of the Gelug tradition is situated in the Gyalrong district of eastern Tibet. The Monastery was named, according to legend, by Ngawang Drakpa as it was the last of the 108 monasteries which he promised to build in front of his master. The name literally means ‘fulfillment’ or ‘completion’. (courtesy b-i-a.net)

“The incense has been produced through an ancient, traditional formula of past masters.” (His Eminence Khejok Rinpoche)

1 review for Dhe-Tsang Monastery Incense

  1. cynthiahill7

    I find this one to be sweet (like sandalwood), spicy, somewhat mild. This is a very beautiful scent indeed.

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