Tanak Thupten Ling Grade 5


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Tanak Thupten Ling Grade 5 is woody and long-lasting with a mild and subtle profile. Only several main ingredients are listed which include: red and white sandalwoods, wormwood, saffron, nutmeg, cloves and cypress. The incense is dedicated by the Monastery to the 3 jewels. Tanak Thupten Ling Grade 5 is also featured in the Tanak Thupten Ling Collection whose other 4 grades offer a lovely spectrum of depth and complexity.

Tanak Thupten Namgyel is a Sakya monastery founded by Gorampa Sonam Sengge in 1473 and located in central Tibet, in present day Zhentongmong county. Namgyel means ‘victorious in all directions and victory over all obstacles‘.

Approx 45 sticks | 31cm x 3mm | Approx 106g | Tanak Thupten Ling Collection

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