Tanak Thupten Ling Grade 1

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A premium incense from Tanak Thupten Namgyel Monastery.  The aroma is smooth and mild, with surprising subtle herbal tones, becoming richer as it burns. Only several main ingredients are listed. These are common to all Tanak Thupten Namgyel’s incense: red and white sandalwoods, wormwood, saffron, nutmeg, cloves and cypress. Each, however, has a completely different profile. The incense is dedicated to the 3 jewels.

Tanak Thupten Namgyel is a Sakya monastery founded by Gorampa Sonam Sengge in 1473 and located in central Tibet, in present day Zhentongmong county. Namgyel means ‘victorious in all directions and victory over all obstacles‘.

Approx 30 sticks | 21cm x 3mm |  Reduced price! Shorter 30 stick bundle available (18cm+)

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1 review for Tanak Thupten Ling Grade 1

  1. seahorse

    This is a rich, complex incense with many different notes layered upon each other. It is extremely well-crafted and seems to me like it’s designed for ritual use rather than for daily, household use. The fragrance of this incense hangs in the air long after the stick has been extinguished, which is an interesting feature. The intensity of this stick is the reason I have given it four and not five stars – it is just too overpowering for my home! Tanak Thupten Ling Grade 3 is a less intense blend with a similar scent profile.

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