Nehnang No2 Tibetan Incense

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This incense is intended to induce calm and purify the mind and the aromas of Nehnang Tibetan No2 are a perfect background for meditation, or study and relaxation. This is a milder incense, smooth and sophisticated. It has been blessed by a renowned tulku within the Kagyu tradition and contains more than 30 ingredients, incl. white, red and purple sandalwoods, cinnamon, borneol and clove.

The formula originates from Nehnang Monastery founded in 1333 CE. Manufactured by Lhasa Nehnang Cultural Communications.

26cm x 4mm | 36-38 sticks | Approx 86g

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1 review for Nehnang No2 Tibetan Incense

  1. seahorse

    This is a pleasant Tibetan incense, sweet and mild. Nehnang No. 1 is more pungent than Nehnang No. 2. My personal preference is for No. 2 because it is less pungent, but both are excellent incenses. Nehnang No. 2 is an excellent value for money.

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