Nehnang Manjusri Vegetarian No1


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Nehnang Manjusri Vegetarian No1 is dedicated to the Bodhisattva of Wisdom and has been blessed by a renowned tulku within the Kagyu tradition. It’s made with “11 pure, natural precious ingredients”, incl. white and red sandalwoods, cloves, borneol,  cardamom and sweet pine. The incense is intended to induce clarity of mind, both in meditation and general practice. The multi-layered aroma is deep and pungent with no harshness. This is a classic.

The formula originates from Nehnang Monastery founded in 1333 CE. Manufactured by Lhasa Nehnang Cultural Communications.

22cm x 3mm- | 58-60 sticks per pkg | Approx  96g

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