Nalendra Monastery Incense

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Fresh, woody overtones and hints of muskiness characterize this refined Monastery incense. Contains over 20 precious herbs including white sandalwood, purple sandalwood, saffron and agarwood. Ideal for use as an offering to the Three Jewels.

Nalendra Monastery was founded in 1435 by Rongton Sheja Kunrig (1367-1449) who became one of the ‘Six Jewels of Tibet’ and considered an emanation of Lord Maitreya. Nalendra Monastery is located north-east of Lhasa — the name is taken from the Nalanda Monastery in India.

20 sticks per pkg. | Approx. 25.5cm x 3mm | Approx. 42g

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3 reviews for Nalendra Monastery Incense

  1. Mosh

    An all-time favorite “monastery-meditation” style incense. Nalendra is deceptively simple, as all good “monastery” incenses should be, after all, the usefulness of this style of incense is to guide a distracted mind back to the task at hand- meditation. Having said that, there is a lot going on in the olfactory realm- a great Juniper-Musk base, and an excellent quality Agarwood. The Agarwood stands out on it’s own, a great quality, which when smelled, jolts the mind back into blissful meditation. This is a medium priced incense, which is a great occasional treat, or for regular sits.

  2. Thomas Schwarze

    This incense was quite a surprise…a few moments after igniting the stick, the room was filled with a sweet, floral, almost rosy scent. I believe that the Jiang Yiang in combination with the two sandalwoods and saffron creates that impression. As reviewer “Mosh” has pointed out, the agarwood peeks from behind the curtain every now and then, and it is delightful.
    For my personal taste, this incense is a bit too much when it comes to meditation as the scent holds my attention so strongly that I find it hard to come back to my initial meditation. But this is only a personal remark – it might be different for others. Other than that, I really like this incense. It sticks out from the crowd – it´s definitely not an everyday , generic Tibetan incense.

  3. Nicholas

    Wonderful and medicinal aroma. This incense is part of my “burn again” collection 🙂

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