Mt. Kailash Holy Incense by Dirapuk Monastery

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Mt Kailash Holy Incense features more than 30 ingredients which include red and white sandalwood, cinnamon and borneol – as well as three other ingredients not found in Dirapuk Monastery Special Incense: cypress, ilex purpurea and herb of Sievers Wormwood. It is excellent for meditation and offerings. The aroma is mild and subtle. The incense is packed in red, white or blue boxes. Dirapuk Monastery is part of the Gelug tradition. The monastery is located at a height of 5080m, making it one of the highest (if not the highest) in the world. Dirapuk monastery faces the north face of Mt Kailash, the most sacred of Buddhist mountains. The monastery is on the pilgrim route around Mt. Kailash.

Approx. 28 sticks per pkg | Approx. 24.5cm x 4mm | Approx. 65g

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1 review for Mt. Kailash Holy Incense by Dirapuk Monastery

  1. Thomas Schwarze

    A very subtle and mild incense. I perceive it as minty, or like unburned camphor – undoubtedly from the borneol content. It also has this very subtle cypress note which intermingles nicely with the borneol, a very slight sweetness (from sandalwood) and hints of wormwood. My overall impression of this incense is of fresh air on a mountain top, as if I stood on Mount Kailash, my back towards the sun, watching white clouds drift over the mountain top. Very nice!

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