Mindroling Monastery Legacy

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SAVE over 15% off individual packages. The Mindroling Legacy features all 5 exceptional varieties of Monastery incense, plus Mindroling Soothing Incense.

Mindroling Grade 1 Incense
Mindroling Grade 2 Incense
Mindroling Grade 3 Incense
Mindroling Grade 4 Incense
Mindroling Grade 5 Incense
Mindroling Soothing Incense

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1 review for Mindroling Monastery Legacy

  1. Tara

    This is a beautiful and amazing collection. Very well worth the price. Mindroling is probably one of my favorite Tibetan scents at the moment. The cones are interesting and have a very unique smell. Soft and almost dry at first, then it gets pungent and almost musky toward the end of the burn. Grade 1 is probably the best of all the scents, however. It’s very high quality, smells amazing, and definitely makes one feel better. These sticks are a pale brown, almost off-white, whereas Grade 2-5 are a reddish dark brown. All of the other grades smell similar, but different enough to warrant getting the entire set. You won’t regret trying each and every grade of Mindroling. The Soothing Mindroling is an entirely different beast in itself. It’s different from Grade 1 and the others, including the cones. It has a definite woody smell, with a smooth almost sweet scent as it continues to burn. This one is a very complicated stick that requires several burns to figure out just WHAT it smells like. I had to burn a few before I even figured out that I liked it. It is very odd at first, but once you start burning it, you fall in love. And it is, as it says, quite soothing. It really helps me relax after a long, hard day.

    All in all, excellent collection, excellent packaging, beautiful boxes, great smells galore! This is sure to be an excellent item for any incense collector out there.

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