Holy Land Grade 2

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Enjoy a full, rich and long-burning aroma. Some prefer Holy Land Grade 2 to even Holy Land. It’s a superior blend of more than 20 precious Himalayan ingredients including sandalwood, agarwood, pangolin scales and cinnamon. Holy Land Grade 2 is also available in Tibetan Medical/Pharmaceutical Incense Collection.

36 sticks per pkg.
Extra-long 33cm x 3mm
Approx. 100g

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Produced by the Tibetan Medicine Company of Traditional Tibet College.

3 reviews for Holy Land Grade 2

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thomas Schwarze

    A wonderful incense. Starts with a spicy aroma of juniper, cypress, borneol and a note that reminds me always of freshly baked (organic whole-rye) bread – even if that probably says more about me than about the incense 😉 . Musky and piercing without ever being too much. The scent also walks a fiine line betwen fresh and green notes and a rich spiciness reminiscent of clove. I never seem to get olfactory fatigue from it (i.e. never become anosmic to it). Very refreshing, a great room / air cleaner, and a wonderful aid to meditation. Someone on olfactoryrescueservice.com described it as “(the incense) holds the question in your mind rather than give you an answer. You end up finding over time that this really is Holy Land reformulated for a long session.” I find this to be very correct.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Thomas Schwarze

    Addtion to m first review:
    Holy Land 2 is one of the Tibetan incenses I get phantom whiffs of. Like, when I am doing some minor chore, for example shopping or taking the trashcan outside, suddenly the scent of HL2 crosses my mind for a split second, I seem to smell it physically (but it´s only a trick of my brain). Even though in that situation I am not burning any incense at all, nor is there any other source for such a scent anywhere near me. These are “phantom whiffs”, and the scent of HL2 is often one of them – and I enjoy this very much.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Rausch

    This is awesome incense! I have burned a lot of Tibetan incense over the years but none compares with this. I smell it sometimes when its not even burning. I have yet to figure this out. After I get off work I fire one up and work is long forgotten and all is bliss.

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