Highland ‘Long Stick’ Incense

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Its uses are to purify the air, promote interior balance of qi, clear the mind, reduce tiredness and strengthen respiratory function. In spite of similar appearance, Highland ‘Long Stick’ Incense is more pungent than Highland Incense. Highland ‘Long Stick’ Incense is protected by plastic wrapper which has been removed for photo purposes.

Approx. 50 sticks per pkg.
33.5cm x 4.5mm
Approx. 120g


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Highland ‘Long Stick’ incense may be considered a ‘cousin’ to Highland Incense. The rich ochre colour is almost the same, and the ‘Long Stick’ version is slightly, but noticeably thicker. As well, it is more than 6.5cm longer than Highland Incense. It too, is based on the instruction of the famous Tibetan Medical Professor Bandeng Jiacuo, an expert in traditional Tibetan medical theory. Like ‘Highland’ Incense, Highland ‘Long Stick’ Incense is produced by Pharmaceutical Company Feng Ma Bao.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Like the description states, this incense is pungent. The first time I tried it, I only noticed the smell of burning leaves. I’ve sat with a few sticks and became more familiar with the subtle, complex undertones which are quite pleasant. Yet still, the pungent burning leaves smell (which I believe is Tibetan rhododendron leaves) is the leading scent though is neither harsh or overpowering. It seems to be made from high quality herbs. I find it easy to inhale and have noticed an improvement in the deepness of my breath. I feel the medicinal qualities of this incense.

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