Gang-zi Mani Nunnery Incense

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Gang-zi Mani Nunnery incense is earthy, musky, full and rich – without being overpowering, and offers a complex and refined scent.

When the package is opened, there’s an immediate, refreshing scent of clove. Ingredients include red and white sandalwood, saffron and clove and a number of other precious ingredients.

The recipe is made according to the teachings of Padmasambhava in the Nyingma Tradition and involves the following process: 7 days chanting; 3 days grinding; 2 days forming and shaping; 3-4 days of curing. Gang-zi Mani Nunnery is located in a little village (Langjiexuexiang) in the Tibetan district of Shannan, just north of the Bhutan border. The area is famous for a number of monasteries such as Gongar, Samye and Mindroling.

Approx. 35 sticks per pkg | Approx. 12-14cm x 3.7mm | Approx. 66g

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3 reviews for Gang-zi Mani Nunnery Incense

  1. Nicholas

    I received some of this incense as a sample and am quite pleased. The highest scent smells like frankincense though I don’t know if that’s the particular resin used in this formula. Woody and spicy aspects are there as well. It offers a pleasant feeling to the environment. I like an incense that has been prepared with prayer and intention.

  2. Cynthia Pearson

    This is a very beautiful incense; I find it to be a refreshing scent,
    and I agree with the above reviewer; there does seem to be a top note of frankincense and I can literally feel that this incense has been prepared with prayer and intention

  3. Ian

    This is my favorite incense. Sweet without being cloying with a lingering scent that never smells ‘stale’. Perfection.

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