Gang-zi Mani Nunnery Incense

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Gang-zi Mani Nunnery incense is earthy, musky, full and rich – without being overpowering, and offers a complex and refined scent that Tibetan incense lovers will find highly appealing. When the package is opened, there’s an immediate, refreshing scent of clove. Ingredients include red and white sandalwood, saffron and clove and a number of other precious ingredients. The recipe is made according to the teachings of Padmasambhava in the Nyingma Tradition and involves the following process: 7 days chanting; 3 days grinding; 2 days forming and shaping; 3-4 days of curing. Gang-zi Mani Nunnery is located in a little village (Langjiexuexiang) in the Tibetan district of Shannan, just north of the Bhutan border. The area is famous for a number of monasteries such as Gongar, Samye and Mindroling.

Approx. 35 sticks per pkg | Approx. 12-14cm x 3.7mm | Approx. 66g

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2 reviews for Gang-zi Mani Nunnery Incense

  1. Nicholas

    I received some of this incense as a sample and am quite pleased. The highest scent smells like frankincense though I don’t know if that’s the particular resin used in this formula. Woody and spicy aspects are there as well. It offers a pleasant feeling to the environment. I like an incense that has been prepared with prayer and intention.

  2. Cynthia Pearson

    This is a very beautiful incense; I find it to be a refreshing scent,
    and I agree with the above reviewer; there does seem to be a top note of frankincense and I can literally feel that this incense has been prepared with prayer and intention

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