Dzongsar ‘Be Dur Ya’ Tibetan Incense

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The lush and fragrant and complex aroma of Dzongsar ‘Be Dur Ya’ Tibetan Incense is exactly what one would expect of a premium Tibetan incense: deep, mystical and very fragrant. We’d recommend it for experienced users of quality Tibetan incense. Dzongsar ‘Be Dur Ya’ is also available in Tibetan Monastery Incense Collection #1.

23-25 sticks per pkg.
21cm x 4mm
Approx. 100g

In stock

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There is some controversy as to whether Dzongsar ‘Be Dur Ya’ Tibetan Incense is a true monastery incense. Some say it is, others that it isn’t. The packaging notes that it is manufactured by The Dzongsar Blue Beryl Incense Works. Regardless, Dzongsar ‘Be Dur Ya’ is of excellent quality — certainly comparable in every way to the more well-known Dzongsar Tibetan Incense.

The label notes that it is crafted according to the tradition passed down by Nagarjuna. It is made of pure and natural ingredients with no fillers. “No toxic or unclean objects were used in the making.”

We’ve decided to include in the ‘monastery’ category. Ingredients are not listed.

2 reviews for Dzongsar ‘Be Dur Ya’ Tibetan Incense

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    An interesting incense that certainly stands out. It is not particularly overpowering yet has a certain deepness to it. Very earthy.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    EXTREMELY overpowering, but not an unpleasant smell. This is one you need to burn in a large room as a cleansing scent. Definitely not one to burn in a small room while meditating, unless you’re a very experienced user of strong, high-end scents like this one. I suggest buying the sample pack and trying it before purchasing an entire tube of this. This is by no means a bad scent, but it has a very harsh learning curve to it and I’d definitely recommend people who are new to Tibetan incense to try a sample pack first!

    Again, this is a VERY high-end scent! It’s one of the most complex scents I’ve ever dealt with. The price seems high, but once you’ve tried this, you will understand why. This is very deep and very heavy! The sticks are also fat and long, so you are really getting a great deal! Try this one for sure! It will grow on you!

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