Dzogchen Brilliant Gem Incense

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A lovely incense with a bright, pure and fresh aroma that’s milder than most traditional varieties, containing more than 30 precious ingredient. There are slight variances in the ochre colour between packages, though the formula is the same. Dzogchen Monastery is one of the six great monasteries of the Nyingma tradition. It is also the main monastery for over three hundred branch monasteries in Tibet.

2 bundles of app 24 sticks | 11-12cm x 3mm | app 45g

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1 review for Dzogchen Brilliant Gem Incense

  1. RZ

    potent but not cloying. the perfume of a vajrayogini puja. it has an extremely purifying some might call it ‘chod’ property. incredible hits of juniper and herbs, slightly camphoraceous, slightly resinous. floral notes waft in the afterglow. a valley in the himalayas, surrounded by alpine flowers. woodsy not musky. dawn or dusk, def a winter or a spring. crystal vajra rivers running from the mountains, past the indian cedar trees and pink rhododendrons. if youre a serious dzogchen sadhak or you really want to offer something exceptional to guru rinpoche, or you just love tibetan incense, this is it

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