Dhe-Tsang Sacred Mountains Incense

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An important ingredient of Dhe Tsang Sacred Mountains Incense is ‘gadan kyenba’, a mint-like herb hand-picked from the three sacred mountains in the Gelug tradition: Wangbur Mountain, Mount Wutai and Taer Monastery in Huangzhong County, said to be the birthplace of Tsongkhapa (1357-1419, founder of the Gelug sect).

Dhe Tsang (pronounced dai-tsong) Sacred Mountains Incense offers a mild fragrance with many subtle overtones and no harshness or muskiness. This calming, refreshing incense comes to us wrapped with two paper labels at either end. After inspection, we wrap them in plastic wrap for greater protection. It is a noticeably different scent than Dhe Tsang Monastery Incense

It is used as an air cleanser, for offerings and meditation practice.

Approx. 100 sticks per pkg.
21cm x 2mm
Approx. 84g



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Dhe-Tsang Monastery was built in 1414 by Tsako Ngawang Drakpa, a heart disciple of the great master Je Tsong Khapa. The monastery of the Gelug tradition is situated in the Gyalrong district of eastern Tibet. The Monastery was named, according to legend, by Ngawang Drakpa as it was the last of the 108 monasteries which he promised to build in front of his master. The name literally means ‘fulfillment’ or ‘completion’. (courtesy b-i-a.net)

“The incense has been produced through an ancient, traditional formula of past masters.” (His Eminence Khejok Rinpoche)

1 review for Dhe-Tsang Sacred Mountains Incense

  1. Mosh

    I love this incense for its medicinal and psychoactive properties.
    It seems to be a straight up and down Artemesia based incense
    without much else added. I confess, I love Wormwood, and associated
    Artemesia type herbs, so this won’t appeal to everyone, but if you like
    the bitter, minty, refreshing smell of Wormwood, this is for you. I have found
    it to open my airways, dramatically, no other incense does that, except maybe
    for Highland, (not as profoundly as Sacred Mountains).
    It goes without saying, that , the thujone content is a mild relaxing stimulant.
    Give it a try!

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