Ba’er Qude Si Incense

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Ba’er Qude Si Incense is a remarkably complex Tibetan incense. The aroma is pungent and rich, without being offensive. Ingredients as listed include white and red sandalwood, stigma croci, cardamon, lilac, musk and “30 medicinal crops.” Ba’er Qude Si was originally built in 1195 and is part of the Kagyu tradition. Destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, it was rebuilt in 1984.

Approx.  30 sticks per pkg | Approx. 27cm x 3mm | Approx. 60g


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2 reviews for Ba’er Qude Si Incense

  1. Mosh

    This is what I class as a Tibetan “red” stick, in a similar class as Ganden, Dirapuk Monastery, Zashi Lhamo, which all seem to emphasize the Saffron. In the case of Ba’er Qude Si incense, the saffron is perfectly balanced with the sourness of Juniper,
    unfolding from a base of spicy wood with musk. A beautifully balanced incense, which is energetic in a calming way. Highly recommended at a great price.

  2. Karen Ryan

    The Ba’er Qude Si is very well balanced and grounded in the tradition behind this incense. I would recommend it for someone looking for a clean spicy-wood scent that is not overpowering to the senses. I felt the calming effects right away and head tension clearing quickly. This incense would be good for anyone who appreciates the hidden attributes behind simplicity.

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